About TerraClean Shrewsbury

About Us

Welcome to TerraClean Shrewsbury, by Ace Car Care!

Ace Car Care is a well-established all-in-one shop for automotive tuning, styling, and paintwork. 

Our team have been carrying out the TerraClean service for over 10 years, and have worked on a wide range of petrol & diesel engines, helping motorists regain their vehicle’s performance, their MPG, and reduce their vehicle’s emissions.

We’re proud to be well recognised with awards from ‘TheBestOf’ and the Top1%, in which we were finalists for Best Customer Service Finalist and Best Famly Business of the Year 2019. 

Our core values are; Deliver WOW to our customers with our service and results, Be genuine, open and honest with our customers, Offer great value through high quality products & impeccable customer care,

The TerraClean Shrewsbury Team

Regain Performance

The removal of carbon deposits improves overall vehicle performance as well as improving the drivability of your vehicle

Restore MPG

When motoring journalist and TV presenter Quentin Willson reported a 14% improvement in MPG . people were eager to try TerraClean.

Reduce Emissions

The innovative service will remove most deposits from your engine and make sure that every cruising mile is as clean or greener then before

Preventative Maintenance

Every TerraClean service you perform on your car will remove carbon and gummid, which helps prevent problems from occurring in the future!

Why Choose TerraClean Shrewsbury?


Quick Process

The whole process is a ‘drive in – drive out’ service and usually takes around 1 hour for most vehicles. You usually need to pre-book to arrange to have the work carried out, but we may be able to squeeze you in on the same day.
Just call us on 01743 466100.



With the cost of the service for most vehicles being just over the hundred quid mark, we think it’s great value to keep your injection system, cylinder head, valves, piston crowns, catalytic converter, DPF filter and exhaust in great condition.



This isn’t a ‘here today – gone tomorrow’ service. It is a long standing and proven system which has been developing in North America over the past 6 years or more. There is plentiful data to prove the improvements we claim with regard to increases in BHP, better fuel economy and lower emissions.



We offer this service as part of our range of high quality products and services at Ace Car Care. We always aim to give great service at a great price, and will not compromise our standards just to save a few quid. So you can be sure you’ll get our best attention at all times.

Need Help With TerraClean?

Got a question about the TerraClean? Give one of our friendly & knowledgable technicians a call.