Audi A6 2.0 tdi Terraclean

The owner of this Audi A6 2.0tdi had already had us carry out a performance remap at Ace Car Care in Shrewsbury, and was really pleased with the extra performance when he felt a bit ‘sporty’, but also the improved economy when he needed it.

After hearing about Terraclean and reading the great reviews we had been receiving here at Ace Car Care, since offering the TerraClean service, he was very keen to have it done to his Audi A6 2.0 TDi to see if and what improvements the TerraClean would make.

Around about an hour or 2 later we received a message to say how much of a difference it had made to the car. He told us that it was performing better than it had ever done, and the TerraClean felt like having a mini remap, with the throttle response giving an even better and smoother power delivery, and he was also surprised as the engine was also a lot quieter than before.

With the experience we’ve had with the TeraClean service we’ve carried out on customers car here at Ace Car Care, we weren’t surprised by this Audi owners reactions, as this is typical of the sort of results you get once TerraClean has done it’s job, removing carbon from the engine & exhaust internal.


So if you fancy all of the benefits the Audi owner reported above (and it works for virtually every make & model of vehicle – not just Audi’s) then why not give us a call on 01743 466100 or get an online quote here.