DPF Filter Cleaning

What Is DPF Filter Cleaning?

DPF filter cleaning is something that you need to do if you have a blocked diesel particulate filter on your vehicle, which will be indicated by a warning light on your dashboard.

Normally, there is an automatic DPF filter cleaning process that is activated by your vehicles ECU (engine management system) to remove the carbon build up from inside the DPF filter.

This DPF filter cleaning process is referred to as a DPF regeneration (or DPF regen for short).

Sometimes if your driving habits don’t allow an automatic regen, then you will need to activate one yourself. We have more details on DPF regeneration which you can view by clicking here.


Regain Performance

The removal of carbon deposits improves overall vehicle performance as well as improving the drivability of your vehicle

Restore MPG

When motoring journalist and TV presenter Quentin Willson reported a 14% improvement in MPG . people were eager to try TerraClean.

Reduce Emissions

The innovative service will remove most deposits from your engine and make sure that every cruising mile is as clean or greener then before

Preventative Maintenance

Every TerraClean service you perform on your car will remove carbon and gummid, which helps prevent problems from occurring in the future!

If the filter is not able to be unblocked by this process, then you may need some additional specialist DPF Filter Cleaning services carried out, to get it functioning correctly again.

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