Ford Transit Terraclean Review

The owner of this Ford Transit was very skeptical about having a Terraclean carried out on his Diesel Engine, as he thought at the high mileage it had done, a TerraClean would not make a great deal of difference, and so not be worth spending his money on it.

But after popping into the Ace Car Care centre in Shrewsbury, and having a chat with us, as well as looking at the great reviews we had been getting from other vehicle owners who’d had a TerraClean at Ace Car Care, he decided to get it booked in and see for himself.

As you can see in the email he sent in, he was over the moon with the difference it had made.In fact he was so impressed with the improvement the TerraClean had made to his work Transit, that 2 days later he bought in his personal Volvo V70 for a TerraClean treatment.

And as if that wasn’t impressive enough, his wife tried out the Volvo and was so pleased with the improvement it had made, that 2 days later she brought in her own personal Mini Cooper S to get that TerraCleaned too.

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[arrow ]Here at Ace Car Care in Shrewsbury, we’re sure that a TerraClean service carried out on YOUR vehicle would impress you too, so why not call us today to book in on 01743 466100[/arrow]