DPF Light On The Dashboard

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If you have a DPF light on your dashboard, this is a sign that your diesel particulate filter may be partially blocked with carbon build up.

Normally when you’ve got the DPF light on for the first time, it just requires a cleaning process to be carried out, called a DPF regeneration, which is activated by the ECU (engine management system).

We have some further details about the regeneration process which you view by clicking here.

Once you have carried out the regeneration process, if it is successful, you should then not have the DPF light on your dashboard anymore. If it is still on, then this indicated you may require additional cleaning of your DPF.


Regain Performance

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Reduce Emissions

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Preventative Maintenance

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Although, if you have a DPF light on, you can often turn it off just by switching the ignition off, this will not help matters, as eventually the light is only on to tell you that the filter needs to be regenerated.

If you continue to run your vehicle with the DPF light on and take no action to clean off the carbon build up, eventually your DPF will become blocked, and your ECU will set your vehicle into limp mode, with significantly reduced power and revs.

Running a blocked filter with the DPF light on can cause major and very expensive engine and turbo charger problems, as well as the need for DPF cleaning.

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