DPF Removal

Tips Before You Remove Your DPF

DPF removal is something many diesel vehicle owners consider having done if they are getting regular problems with their diesel particulate filter, or have heard about other owners getting DPF issues.

If you’re thinking of removing your DPF – STOP! Why?

Well the first and biggest reason to leave your DPF intact on your diesel car, van, or HGV is that it is required to be present and operational when it comes to MOT inspection time.

As part of the current MOT test, the inspection includes verifying that the diesel particulate filter is present and operational. The Government has also recently tightened up on this with the MOT inspectorate.

You can view the Gov website document here.

Regain Performance

The removal of carbon deposits improves overall vehicle performance as well as improving the drivability of your vehicle

Restore MPG

When motoring journalist and TV presenter Quentin Willson reported a 14% improvement in MPG . people were eager to try TerraClean.

Reduce Emissions

The innovative service will remove most deposits from your engine and make sure that every cruising mile is as clean or greener then before

Preventative Maintenance

Every TerraClean service you perform on your car will remove carbon and gummid, which helps prevent problems from occurring in the future!

As you need to have a current valid MOT to be insured, purchase a road fund licence and be legal on the road, a DPF removal could render your vehicle unroadworthy and illegal to use on the road.

If you are having problems with your DPF, there are other options to consider other than a DPF removal, to keep your filter in place and operating as it should be.

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