We all get a little nervous when it comes to MOT testing time for our vehicles, and whilst you can check almost everything else beforehand, emissions can be the reason that many of our vehicles fail our MOT’s. But they can be hard to monitor until the MOT test, and even more difficult to reduce effectively. However, a Terraclean engine de-carbonisation service can reduce your carbon emission massively in time for a test, as well as regaining lost performance and MPG. If you take a look at the image below, you will see the MOT results of a diesel vehicle, with the emissions results highlighted. As you can see, the car failed to stay under the passing limit (3.00 l/m) and it failed it’s emissions test. But a few hours later and after a Terraclean, the Mean Absorption dropped to 1.44 1/m, well within the 3.00 limit and the vehicle passed it’s emissions test. To book a Terraclean, click here, or call us on 01743 466100, or text us on 07966227806 and we’ll text or call you back.

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