TerraClean Petrol Fuel Based Decarbonising Service

What Is The TerraClean Petrol Engine Process?

Over time, all petrol engines build up carbon deposits in combustion chambers, exhaust ports, catalytic converters and on lambda sensors. 

Additionally, all petrol injection systems build up gums, tars and varnishes. 

Both these contaminants have a negative effect on your engines efficiency which we’ll explain how and why.

Petrol is a combination of two core components, Aromatic fuel and Aliphatic fuel. 

These two components are necessary to allow the fuel to achieve an optimum combustion rate as well as achieve optimum power.

Aliphatic fuel has a very loose molecular structure meaning that it burns very easily and almost completely combusts leaving little or no carbon deposits behind in the combustion chambers, but it creates very little power, which is why it’s blended with aromatic fuel which is very powerful. 

However, this is where the problem starts.

Petrol TerraClean In Progress

You Can Benefit From A TerraClean If Your Engine Has:

Done More Than 12k Miles

Carbon build up starts to occur around this time. Using the TerraClean service will act as preventative maintenance.

Dropped In Power & MPG

Carbon deposit may be hindering your vehicles overall performance. Removing the deposits will restore your power.

Failed An M.O.T On Emissions

TerraClean helps to reduce the emissions that your vehicle omits. By using the service you can safely pass your MOT.

BMW Petrol Engine Process

Aromatic fuel has a very tight molecular structure making it very difficult to burn and it relies on the aliphatic fuel to start the combustion process. 

Because of the tight molecular bond of the aromatics they never completely combust and leave behind carbon deposits which form in the combustion chambers, exhaust ports, cats and on the lambda sensors.

This carbon build up has a negative effect on engine efficiency as the fuel is now burning in a dirty environment (combustion chambers) which also restricts the performance of cats and lambda sensors.

But that’s not where it ends as over time inlet valves and ports on manifold injection engines, fuel injectors on all engines and fuel pressure regulators (if fitted) suffer from a build up of tars, gums and varnishes. 

This then slows down the injector reaction times, causing fuel timing problems, it impairs fuel atomisation causing incomplete combustion, it can also reduce fuel rail pressure, and in some cases can coat the inlet valves causing cold start miss fires.

This is where a TerraClean service is different from any other engine/injector cleaning service. TerraClean is the only service that has two stages of cleaning.

TerraClean Shrewsbury Reviews

Nicole Roberts
Nicole Roberts
Audi S5
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Had my s4 terracleaned and can definitely notice the difference. Great service and also was alot quicker than I expected it to take. Will definitely return again when its due another. many thanks
Gary Cooke
Gary Cooke
Audi Q7
Read More
After the clean it’s been 550-700 miles of range. The best mpg l got on my trip to work was 24mpg and that was coasting A LOT. Doing the same drive now I got 30mpg
Mark Newham
Mark Newham
Ford Transit
Read More
To be honest, I thought I would only see a small change in performance. I am however nicely surprised how much greater it in fact is. The car now has so much more grunt and is running so much smoother.
Maz Hussain
Mercedes E350
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Great customer service from reception to the technicians. I've had my E350 Terraclean and remapped the same time. The car feel's a lot more responsive and smoother throughout the automatic gear changes with plenty of torque to hand for overtaking. Great work and highly recommended.
Trevor West
Read More
Had Terraclean service and remap done to my Golf TDI. The car is very much more responsive than before, but haven't done enough miles yet to work our the mpg. The service received was first class and would recommend them to anyone requiring similar work to their vehicle.
BMW X5 3.0D
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…I had to take this opportunity to say how impressed I am with the results. I have noticed an average increase of 6mpg on my normal 100 mile commute, the car is much more responsive and it smokes a little less on first start in the morning. It genuinely feels like it has had 60k knocked off the clock!
Mark Newnham
BMW X5 3.0D
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To be honest, I thought I would only see a small change in performance. I am however nicely surprised how much greater it in fact is. The car now has so much more grunt and is running so much smoother. The guys in the office were all very polite and professional to deal with. Many thanks Guys
Anthony Evans
Range Rover
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Excellent service and results from my remap and Terraclean on my Range Rover Vogue 4.4 V8. so much smoother, responsive and fuel efficient. Thanks ACE Shrewsbury 😁
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My Astra 1.9cdti recently failed Mot on emissions.After having the Terraclean service it flew through the Mot.I strongly advise folk to consider this service to pass the new tougher emission test. A big thanks to AceCarCare.
Gary O'neill
Read More
Hi everyone 👋 definitely recommend ace terraclean to anyone who is thinking of a remap they do a good discount on the both together,and cleaned my car for me,it was like picking a new car up from showroom.
Andrew Smith
Vauxhall Insignia
Read More
Just had my insignia terra cleaned,what can I say, amazing what a transformation, really recommend it and a great bunch of lads, really know there business thanks.

What A TerraClean Does:

BMW Petrol Engine Process

The first stage cleans the injection system and inlet valves (manifold injection only) which restores functionality to injectors and fuel pressure regulator resulting in improved fuel pressure, timing and atomisation.

On manifold injected engines it cleans inlet valves and ports of sticky deposits allowing improved flow of fuel vapour into the engine. This all results in cleaner fuel burn reducing the presence of Hydrocarbons caused by un burnt fuel in the exhaust gasses.

The second stage of the process is where the science begins. Using aliphatic only fuel, this fuel while passing through the TerraClean machine goes through a process called columbic fractionation, and it is given a passive negative electrical charge.

This breaks down the molecular structure of the fuel even further, turning it from a liquid into a vapour, and as the carbon in the combustion chambers, exhaust, cat and lambda sensors has a natural positive electrical charge the fuel and subsequent exhaust gasses are attracted to it. This then turns the carbon into carbon dioxide which exits through the exhaust tail pipe.

The end result is cleaner combustion chambers, exhaust, cats and lambda sensors, allowing the ECU or engine management system to react faster to fuel mixture changes and adjust fuel and ignition timing to suit.

The end result is an engine that is more efficient, has better and quicker throttle response, runs smoother and quieter, and has improved emissions and mpg.