The owner of this Fiat had been thinking about having his car remapped for a while and when we spoke about the “clean and tune package” we offer, (A TerraClean and then a performance remap) the owner was very keen to get it booked in.

The aim of this was to get as much performance as possible so we began with the Terraclean to remove all of the carbon build-up from the engine as the carbon could be reducing power and worsening the economy.

With the carbon build-up cleaned from inside the engine, you can in some instances see gains of up to 13% more power after and much-improved throttle response and smoother power delivery. The engine is also a lot quieter and it also improves fuel economy and reduces emissions.

Fiat Bravo 1.9JTD Terraclean Shrewsbury

After the Terraclean was complete we then added one of our Performance remaps which added another 40bhp and 70nm of torque to make it just that little bit quicker as this is what the owner wanted.

Why not contact us and find out what a Terraclean service in Shrewsbury can do for your vehicle.