MGZT Terraclean Shrewsbury
MGZT Diesel Terraclean Shrewsbury

This owner of this MGZT Diesel came to us as he liked to look after his car and what better way to do it than with a good Terraclean Shrewsbury service.

By bypassing the fuel system on the vehicle and connecting in the Terraclean machine we run the vehicle directly on the Terraclean product which removes all the harmful carbon build-up from inside the engine.

By doing this we bring back lost power from the carbon build-up, it also makes the throttle response quicker giving it a smoother power delivery, it makes the engine quieter, and also brings back lost economy and reduces the emissions.

This is what the owner of the MGZT had to say “Just had my MGZT cdti Terracleaned by the crew and well impressed…. Recommend everyone to get it done…..and a great service……gonna have the wife’s TF done next.”

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